Kaleidoscope tool is a parallel fault simulator with hybrid simulation capability. Kaleidoscope’s patent-pending technology enables multiple fault simulations in parallel for single-point or multi-point faults, both permanent and transient, achieving up-to 10000x speedup of the total fault campaign compared to gate level fault campaign.

What’s more, all this happens in your native RTL environment even while injecting the fault into the Gate level netlist, as required by the ISO26262 standard.

Fault campaigns don’t need to wait for the back-end flow to catch up!

KaleidoScope based fault campaign

Kaleidoscope performs auto-classification of the campaign results

  • Alarm triggered – Credit for diagnostic coverage
  • Error masked- Safe fault
  • Alarm not triggered – Loss of diagnostic coverage

For unresolved faults, KaleidoScope offers the hybrid simulation extension(HSE) to resolve all injected faults decisively.

Useful hints guide the Safety Verification engineer on next steps at all stages of the campaign. Contact us today and get your Fault campaign on track with the industry’s only Fault injection tool that can take on ADAS SoC’s in the 100’s of million gate range and beyond.

Note:- Patent Pending